Products & Supplies

We have partnered with a number of manufacturers to bring you discounted pricing on a number of our favourite products and materials as well as the equipment that your child will be using in their program with us.  The products and materials offered here are products from manufacturers that we have worked with for over 15 years and our team have tried their products for extended periods of time before we included them in our product offering and recommendation here.  We believe products should be naturalistic, functional and be high quality for durability ensuring that they will last an extended period of time.  Most products are readily available and your Senior Therapist can bring them to your next session or call our offices for pick up or delivery arrangements.  (Online ordering coming soon!)

If you have any questions about any of the products or need assistance choosing the right set for your child, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Program Materials

STAGES Noun Cards Set 1 $165.00 (+ HST)

STAGES Noun Cards Set 2 $165.00 (+ HST)

STAGES Verbs Cards $125.00 (+ HST)

STAGES Occupation Cards $80.00 (+ HST)

STAGES Wiggle Cushion in Red $40.00 (+ HST)

STAGES Wiggle Cushion in Blue $40.00 (+ HST)

Talk Tools Horn Kit $50.00 (+ HST)

Talk Tools Straw Kit $50.00 (+ HST)

Outside Program Supplies

& Resource Materials


Southpaw is a terrific distributor for many sensory-related products for your children. 
Please speak to us about our ‘Family and Friends’ discount prior to ordering your materials.

Spectrum Educational Supplies

Spectrum Educational Supplies is a York region based firm who have a wide variety of program materials and equipment for home and educational settings.  Please speak to us about our ‘Family and Friends’ discount prior to ordering your materials. They have both a showroom and large warehouse that allows you to shop in person or you may order either on-line or over the phone.

Teach Create Motivate

Teach Create Motivate has some great visual support resources to support your child/learner
in his home and community environments.