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Changing Lives


Our History

Engaging Minds Learning Group exists to support and empower learners, with a wide variety of needs, from 6 months through young adulthood.  Using a foundation of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) we guide children, youth, and young adults through their unique learning process.  Our focus is the whole learner and as such, we work to develop skills in all areas including: language and communication, social and play skills, independent, and functional living skills, gross and fine motor skills, imitation, academics, self-regulation, mindfulness, behaviour management, job training, and self advocacy.

For over 20 years, our talented therapists, breadth of services, and collaborative framework have provided families and community partners with a trusted leader.


We believe in the possibilities in every learner and every family member and are called to action every day to do what is right for all!

We know that every moment is significant in the developmental journey and we pledge our commitment to the development and growth of each learner and their family.

We embolden a consistent and caring community for each learner and their family.

We inspire families, caregivers, and professionals with our high standards for communication, collaboration and passion for making a difference in each learner's life.

What Our Families Are Saying

Over the years, our parents and community partners have had a lot to say.
Here are some of the ones that have touched us the most.

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I have had the pleasure of working with Valinda Vincent and her team at Engaging Minds Learning Group for the past 2 years.  My experience quite simply put, has been wonderful!  Valinda has both the experience and skill to guide her team to achieve the best possible results for each of her clients.  More importantly, her intuition, passion and ability to reach learners in a unique way, such that they start to make connections to learning, is remarkable.  Repeatedly I have been witness to a child starting a language or behaviour program with her and within months that child and their family is experiencing growth and change that they/we thought would never happen.  I do not know where my child would be or for that matter any of her clients would be, without the service that she provides to each and every one of us.  Thank you Valinda from the bottom of my heart for doing what you do!


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Ms. Vincent has acted in the capacity of Senior Behavioural Therapist for our son since he was 18 months old; he is currently 5 years old. She has expertly provided one-on-one therapy, parental guidance and support. Given her professional approach and engaging personality, we have re-engaged with Ms. Vincent at various points of critical development and change with our son.  Ms. Vincent is thoughtful, engaging and fun and was able to quickly bond with our son and gain his trust.  As parents, we appreciate her flexibility, insights and advice and consider her a core member of our extended care network.

Feria & Chris

Did you know...

We are a scent free centre?

Our team is committed to not wearing any of the following during their work day: cologne/perfumes, scented after shave lotion, scented hand/ body lotion, scented hair products, etc. Many of our children and some of our team members are chemically-sensitive and even the smallest amount of fragrance can have a significant negative impact to their bodies. We ask that our consulting professionals and parents engage in the same practice. Many thanks for your cooperation.