Assessment Services

Finding a reputable assessor to thoroughly and properly assess your child for the purposes of diagnosis is a important decision.

Over the years we have worked with well over 100 practitioners, and while all are qualified to do their job, we definitely have our favourite professionals or agencies that we feel do a particularly thorough job and we would trust with our own children.

The starting point for all families seeking a diagnosis, in York or Simcoe Region is Children’s Treatment Network (CTN) CTN is the hub for families seeking services of this nature.  Assessment services through this organization are referred out to one of the multiple diagnostic hubs that are well established.  While this assessment will be covered by OHIP, there is a waitlist for assessment services of approximately 6-12 months. 

The starting point for families seeking a diagnosis in Durham Region is Grandview Children’s Centre and the same process takes place, where once they receive a referral from your MD they contact you to put you on the waitlist for assessment services. 

Waitlists for all treatment hubs tend to fluctuate in length, however it is always worthwhile making application.

While your child is awaiting a possible diagnosis, your child can still be in a program receiving therapy.  The wait time doesn’t need to be spent without accessing service and helping to move your child forward on their developmental journey.  As service providers, we do not require diagnostic reports in order to implement treatment, as our programs are built upon our own skills-based assessment that identifies your child’s skills and skill deficits.  That means we can begin teaching and supporting right away and when any diagnosis is received, we can assist in helping you and your child access the appropriate funding and any additional program support they require.

If your family has extended health coverage or is able to pay for a diagnostic assessment out of pocket versus waiting, the following are professionals who we have seen consistent, thorough, and professional assessments from: