Learning Academy

Looking for a program that blends the Ontario school curriculum with strategies and tools from specialists in behaviour, language & communication, and whole child development?

Engaging Minds Learning Group (EMLG) is pleased to offer – The Learning Academy – serving students from Junior Kindergarten through to Grade 8. Currently classes are offered in our Newmarket and Collingwood centres.

The Learning Academy class size is capped at 10 students with a 5:1 student-teacher ratio. Our classroom teaching teams include an Ontario Certified Teacher, a Registered Behaviour Therapist and Education Aide support from Yoga, Art, Music, Early Childhood/Child & Youth resources. Our program is also supervised by a Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) who supports students and the classroom team as they deliver Ontario School Curriculum.

Each student in our classes, has an Individual Education Plan providing a road map for the development and support of Cognitive Skills, Academic Skills: Language (expressive and receptive), Reading and Comprehension, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Physical Education, Music, Visual Arts, and Social/Emotional Skills. Students are grouped, based on age and skill levels, with enhanced academic and behavioural support as required to build successful learning and development.

The Learning Academy program was developed for diverse student populations including neurotypical and neurodiverse children and youth with, or without, a variety of diagnoses.

For those parents who are looking to access services to support their child with neurodiversity, The Learning Academy provides support and flexible program options. Typically, our students may include those who have or previously had ABA services, those who are awaiting services who are enrolled in ABA or tutoring services but wish a program to extend their learning into a small group setting with increased support services.

Some of our students combine The Learning Academy school program with their OAP/Private ABA hours to generalize learning from 1 to 1 instruction into a classroom based, group experience. Many of our neurotypical students utilize The Learning Academy to support their learning and development in an educational setting that is tailored to their learning profile and their social /emotional/environmental needs.

The Learning Academy further supports students and their families, as required, through their network of consulting resources such as:

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