Our Team

Our team of compassionate, dedicated, and skilled professionals strive to ensure that every interaction, each and every day, is done in a way to further engage the minds of the clients we serve.

Our Training

Each of our team members is certified as a Registered Behaviour Technician or is in the process of being certified. Our team members are cross-trained in numerous teaching and intervention models that act as tools for them to utilize while guiding each child to their fullest potential. We believe that the work that we do cannot be done without consistent approaches, which is why parent involvement and parent training are an integral part of each and every child's service plan. With over 20 years experience and training in the field, our goal is to continue to be recognized as a industry leader providing quality programming that creates lasting positive change in the lives of the clients and families we are privileged to work alongside.

Our team represents a wide variety of backgrounds, including:

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Valinda Vincent


Valinda’s journey in this field began in 1998 when she began working with an incredible young boy with Autism as a member of his ABA team.  She continued her formal training to include a BA in Educational Psychology and is currently pursuing her Masters in Speech Pathology.  Valinda has spent the last 20 years as a Behaviour Consultant working with thousands of families across Ontario.  With extensive training and hands on experience in wide variety of methods including but not limited to ABA/ Verbal Behaviour, Direct Instruction, Precision and Fluency Training, Pivotal Response Training (PRT), Sensory Integration Disorders and Treatment, American Sign Language, Child Welfare, Trauma, Suicide Intervention, Risk Assessment for Suicide and Self-Harm, Advanced Level Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) Theraplay and Play Therapy.  Valinda is a certified trainer in Non-Violent Crisis Prevention Training and Brain Gym and is in process of completing her advanced level of Oral Placement Therapy with Talk Tools. 

She has worked with community agencies, schools in both Private, Catholic and Public settings, daycare settings, summer camp programs and community partners such as Speech and Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Early Intervention Services, Children’s Aid Societies, residential treatment facilities, Hospital for Sick Children, and Children’s Treatment Network.  Valinda has worked closely with the regional providers in charge of managing the Ontario Autism Program in numerous areas across Ontario and other private funding agencies to assist families in accessing funds for their children’s treatment.  Valinda’s passion and dedication to see each child succeed is what has driven Valinda to continue to do this valuable work each day for that last 22 years.

Jennifer Childs, BCBA


Jennifer is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst who has been working with children and youth with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities since 2004 in group home, community, therapy and school settings. She has completed a Masters in Disability Studies with a specialization in Applied Behaviour Analysis through Brock University. She has been employed full time with the Simcoe County District School Board as an ABA Coordinator since 2009. Jennifer is passionate about using evidence-based practices to promote skill development and independence with children with a variety of needs, and enjoys working with families and other stakeholders to help children achieve generalized growth and learning.

Amy Domitrovic, MSc, BCBA


Amy is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst who has been working with children, youth and adults in a variety of roles since 2008. Amy attended the University of Waterloo for her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, St. Lawrence College for her Advanced Diploma in Behaviour Science Technology and Purdue Global University for her Masters of Science in Psychology with a concentration in Applied Behaviour Analysis, where she wrote and published her thesis on teaching foundational skills. Amy has training in and experience using the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). Amy has experience working in private therapy, group homes, schools and hospital settings. Amy takes great pride in advocating for people who cannot advocate for themselves, and thoroughly enjoys teaching others skills to help them succeed. Her ultimate life goal is to make a serious impact on the way people treat others and to spread positivity.

Stacy King, BCBA


Stacy is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst who has been working with individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities for over ten years. Stacy attended Nipissing University (Schulich School of Education) for teachers college and obtained a Masters in Counselling Psychology with specialization in Advanced Applied Behaviour Analysis form Nova Southeastern University. Stacy is a current member of the Ontario College of Teachers and employed with the Upper Grand District School Board. She has experience working with a wide range of individuals within a variety of settings; including centre based, home, community, and schools. Her experience extends across public and private agencies in Ontario and Ohio. Stacy is passionate about supporting individuals reach their full potential by developing holistic programming through examination of the uniqueness of each person.

Katrina Starecky, BCBA


Katrina is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst who has been working with individuals with autism spectrum disorders since 2010. She has a Masters in Education from Western University with a specialization in Applied Behaviour Analysis. With her extensive experience in a variety of settings (centre, schools, community, and home), Katrina helps create meaningful goals for her clients, with a focus on improving their quality of life. She is devoted to providing the best care possible by working closely with the family team to achieve those goals. In her spare time, Katrina enjoys hikes with her dog, snowboarding, live music, and spending time with family and friends.

Lauren Beaney


Lauren has her certification as an RBT (Registered Behavioural Technician) and has been in the field of ABA for 5 years. She graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiology which has excelled her ability to understand and implement OT (occupational therapy) programming. Lauren has experience providing one to one therapy, small group therapy and parent training in home as well as in a clinician setting. She is a very energetic, patient and understanding individual. During challenging situations she is able to think quickly, be creative, stay focused. Her experience supporting clients of all ages with a variety of exceptionalities has continued to fuel her passion to be able to help make a difference every day. Lauren looks forward to furthering her skill set at Engaging Minds to further her and her future clients’ journeys.

Kathleen Cahill


Kathleen is graduate of Acadia University in Nova Scotia with a BSc in psychology. She is a currently pursuing her Masters in Applied Disability Studies at Brock University with specialization in Applied Behavioural Analysis. She is working on fulfilling all the requirements to become a Board Certified Behavioural Analyst and a registered behavioural technician. Kathleen has experience supporting children and adults with various disabilities through her five years with the S.M.I.L.E. program at Acadia University.

Jessica Caley


Jessica is a Registered Behaviour Technician and an Ontario Certified Teacher specializing in Primary/Junior education. Prior to attending the Bachelor of Education program at Lakehead University, Jessica worked as Intervention Support Worker (ISW) with the York Region District School Board’s Regional Complex Needs Team. She also has a Developmental Service Worker (DSW) diploma from Georgian College and a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) degree from Laurentian University. Jessica began her journey in the field of special education as a IBI therapist, implementing treatment for children with neurodevelopmental disorders, before moving on to expand her experience at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Autism Ontario, Simcoe Community Services and licensed foster homes. Jessica’s goal is to one day have her own Special Education classroom with the public board where she can utilize her experience and training to further make a difference in the lives of children.

Aimee Caston


Aimee joined Engaging Minds Learning group with 12 years experience working with children in childcare, classroom, one-to-one therapy both in centre as well as in a clinical setting. Aimee has her Early Childhood Education diploma from Georgian College, her BA in Sociology from Laurantian University, and Bachelor of Education from Lakehead University has prepared her for her new role as OCT in the Collingwood Learning Academy.  Aimee is a passionate and resourceful educator who strives to help all her students/clients reach their full potential.  Aimee is excited about this new school year and the excitement that comes with it.

Lisa Cressman


Lisa has over 3 years of experience providing ABA therapy to children on the autism spectrum. She fell in love with ABA immediately, as she got to witness firsthand the positive changes made in her clients and families lives. Lisa is a certified developmental services worker and a registered behaviour technician. She is also pursuing her degree in behavioural sciences through the University of Guelph-Humber. Lisa has a passion for children, individuals with autism, and ABA therapy. She has dedicated her schooling and career goals to continue providing the most beneficial and life-changing services to your children and family.

Carla Danziger


Carla holds the belief that every individual is able to achieve greatness when their therapist team, family and community work together. This is the foundation used for her practice. A recent graduate from the Child and Youth Care program at Ryerson University, Carla has extensive experience working with individuals of all different ages across the Autism Spectrum. She is trained in both Therapeutic Crisis Intervention and Behaviour Management Systems and is certified as a RBT (Registered Behaviour Technician). Carla is excited to put her passion to work as part of the Engaging Minds Learning Group team!

Kristen David


Kristen comes to Engaging Minds Learning Group from a holistic health background, holding degrees in Kinesiology and Social Work. She has worked with children and adults with dual-diagnosis and chronic illness in clinical, education and home based settings. Her approach to supporting children and families is rooted in respect and inclusion and draws on her training in both kinesiology and social work in every interaction she has with children and their families. With a whole person-centred approach, she strives to help children exceed their goals and foster ongoing learning and mastery of new skills while nurturing a love for learning with growing independence. Kristen’s work with children and their family’s encompasses her belief that with a positive learning environment and ongoing support, every child can achieve success on their learning and development journey.

Madison Emoff


Madison is a graduate of the University of Guelph Humber where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Family and Community Social Services. She believes in fostering independence and empowering others. Over the past 3 years Madison has been working with people of all abilities.  She has worked in a variety of different settings some of which include, schools, day programs, and on-on-one. Madison has a passion for helping others thrive and succeed. She has completed her Registered Behavioural Therapist certification and is thankful to be a part of a great team filled with passionate people.

Kathy Green


Kathy is a retired Special Education Consultant and Elementary Teacher with over 28 years of experience supporting children with Autism and other exceptionalities.  Kathy attended the University of Guelph and received her Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Child Studies and specializing in Exceptional Children in the Family.  She went on to complete her Primary/Junior Bachelor of Education at York University.  Over the years, Kathy has provided leadership in the area of programming for students with special education needs by working closely with teachers, school administrators, and parents.  She collaborates with community agencies, school boards, and the Ministry of Education.  Having received extensive training in the area of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Behaviour, and Learning Disabilities, she utilizes her knowledge and experience in these areas to provide support.  In her free time, Kathy enjoys spending time with family, reading, hiking, and sailing the waters in Georgian Bay.

Sara Grosse


Sara is a certified physiotherapist and occupational therapist assistant currently in her last semester of a mental health and addictions program at Fleming college. She has competed as a varsity volleyball athlete throughout her four years of school and is an avid equestrian; having ridden for her entire life. She developed a love for working with children during her placement hours with her OTA/PTA program, having completed shadow placements with Four Counties Children’s Centre in Peterborough. She is also involved with an equine therapy facility that works with children of all ages and ability.

Courtney Hodgson


Courtney has been working with children, and children with ASD for almost 10 years. Starting in Windsor, she completed her Education Assistant program at St.Clair College before moving onto the Autism and Behavioural Sciences program. She was working for an in home program for 2 years prior to moving to Toronto and working for a centre based program for 7 years. She has a passion for working with children with ASD and their families and finds so much joy watching children gain new skills and families learning new strategies. She has also worked at Camp Kintail as a specialty counsellor and camp counsellor, helping her tap into the more creative side of teaching. She is currently working towards a degree in Disability Studies at Ryerson University and plans on continuing her schooling after this.

Franca Impastato


Franca is the Operations Administrator at Engaging Minds Learning Group, where she oversees the day to day operations. She spent the early part of her career in the childcare field before transitioning into this role. She loves to help people and learn new things.

Danielle Lazaris


Danielle is a dedicated childcare professional with over 15 years of experience working with children in various settings and is currently in the process of completing her Registered Behavioural Technician (RBT) certification. Throughout her time in the childcare profession, Danielle has worked in private households, daycare centers, Ontario Early Years Centers, and Kindergarten classrooms with a diverse array of children of varying ages, needs, and abilities. She previously studied under the Child & Youth Worker program at Centennial College and the Assaulted Women & Children’s Counselor/Advocate (AWCCA) program at George Brown College. It was during her work placements with the AWCCA program that she realized that her true passion was working with children directly and making a positive impact in their lives. Danielle is committed to expanding and honing her skills with the incredible team at Engaging Minds.

Chris Lewis


Chris has long been enthusiastic about working with individuals with special needs. Chris graduated from St. Lawrence College with his Honours Bachelor of Behavioural Psychology and recently completed his RBT (Registered Behaviour Technician) certification. Chris has experience working with school aged children by creating and implementing interventions to decrease undesirable behaviours with very favourable results. Chris now comes to EMLG to gain even more experience working with this population and wishes to help as many different people as he can. Chris derives great joy and satisfaction while seeing his clients respond favourably and succeed and looks forward to doing the same through EMLG.

Brittany Meadus


Working with children has always been a passion of Brittany’s. She first started off her career working in a group home for at risk youth, where her communication, perseverance and problem-solving skills were used on a daily basis. She learned that children are very unique in their own ways, and taking the time to learn and understand them was something that she wanted to explore more of. Being able to make a positive difference in the life of someone who is very vulnerable in our community is something she is very passionate about. Getting hired on with EMLG has been able to help her expand her knowledge and put her skills to work. She is very excited to continue to see how her future unfolds working here and is excited for new opportunities to arise.

Kayla Nokes


Kayla is a passionate behavioural therapist with 3 years experience working with children with various exceptionalities. She has worked in a variety of settings, including IBI centres, home therapy, and community settings. She also recently traveled to Bangalore, India with the Global Autism Project to educate teachers in the best practices for their children on the autism spectrum. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a specialization in Developmental Psychology, as well as a Post-Graduate Certificate in Autism and Behavioural Sciences. She will be beginning her Master’s of Applied Disability Studies this fall and will be working towards her BCBA.

Kate Petrossie


Kate is a Child and Youth Worker who has been an advocate for mental health for over 15 years and has a vast array of experiences supporting individuals in a variety of environments. She is very passionate about working with children and youth with intellectual and developmental exceptionalities, mental health concerns and behavioural challenges. Kate has been practicing in supportive roles in various capacities for the last 8 years and has honed skills in applied behaviour analysis, emotional regulation, behaviour and crisis management, and therapeutic programming. Kate is also very passionate about animals, nature, and crafting which she likes to incorporate into programming.

Katie Quick


Katie is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst who has been with working with children with ASD and other related disorders in a variety of roles since 2013. She graduated from the University of Illinois- Urbana-Champaign with her B.S. in Speech and Hearing Science with a concentration in Speech-Language Pathology and from Ball State University with her M.A. in Applied Behavior Analysis with a concentration in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Katie is a compassionate BCBA with 6 years of ABA experience across in-home, clinic, and community environments who values collaborative action to foster meaningful and generalized behavior change for the individuals and client stakeholders she serves. Katie has a passion for teaching and disseminating behavior analysis to future BCBAs. Recently, she has been developing a computer application to aide ABA practitioners in virtual ABA service delivery and training. She is very excited to be a part of the Engaging Minds Learning Group team!

Nidah Tauseef Ali


Nidah has always been passionate about working with children with special needs. She feels that children are fascinating and working with them makes each day more fulfilling. The compassion and drive to serve a population with special needs has inspired her career choices from the very beginning. Over the years she has worked with both children and adults across a multitude of settings, including homes, school systems, and counseling centers. Nidah strongly believes that a little love and acceptance goes a long way and she promotes healthy growth through a warm, genuine, and collaborative therapeutic approach. She has achieved her Masters in Clinical Psychology from Pakistan and is currently working towards Registered Behavioral Technician (RBT) certification. She hopes that at EMLG she will be able to expand her skills and help create healthier futures.

Heather Thompson


Heather started off her career in the healthcare field as a Personal Support Worker. She has much experience working in the community. From elder care to child care Heather has worked in a collaborative manner to support and strengthen those who have reached out. Pursuing the field of Behavioural Psychology was a natural progression which has given Heather the opportunity to work with a variety of individuals on the autism spectrum. It is important to Heather that care and education is given to the child with a holistic approach which in turn supports their individuality, family and community.

Leslie Young


Leslie is a graduate of the Child and Youth Worker program at Fanshawe College. Most of her experience has been in group homes and she has worked with a variety of clients of varying abilities and age groups. Leslie discovered her passion for implementing ABA Therapy after the birth of her youngest child when she decided it was time for her to step away from the group home environment. Leslie is very passionate about helping children and youth reach their full potential, which is what motivates her to continue working in this field.